Social Injustice In Lebanon

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Social Injustice

Daad Scandar & Robert Hanna

Managers at research department in D&R
Lebanese International University

May 5th, 2015

Prepared for
Sam Smith
Vice President, Human resources

1925 Halba Akkar, LB 95931
May 5, 2015
Sam Smith
Vice President, Human Resources

Dear Vice President Smith:

With this letter I am enclosing the report my staff and I prepared on social injustice in Lebanon and ways of dealing with this issue, which you requested we submit by early May. The report discusses for the necessity of putting the spotlight on this problem and solves it to meet the minimum requirements of the good living of people in our country.

Social injustice undoubtedly is a major problem
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This diversity caused to strengthen the racist thinking and cause problems that are intense enough to shake the social equilibrium and make it in jeopardy. To get started, in Lebanon, the majority of the people are ‘white’ so the foreign workers with black skin color are seen as inferior because of the history that shows that the slaves were almost all the time black people so this inferior view to black people is one side of racism here. In addition, migrant domestic workers are subjected to all kinds of racism and humiliation because all the dirty jobs and tasks are assigned to them because they are considered less than the employers. Calling them ‘Negro’ is another face of racism because it is an insult to them and eventually they are humans like…show more content…
Many orphans are taken by organizations to insure they get the right education and growth. But orphans need good emotional conditions also besides education and nutrition. And unlucky orphans may stay in the streets or get involved in crimes or drug abuse which will cause the destruction of their bodies and minds and a waste of resources that could be used in building the country. Another face of family shattering is the divorce of a couple that will cause the presence of widows. Widows often suffer hard life after losing the partner because he was the one insuring the income to live. In many cases, widows go back to live with their parents till they find a job opportunity or a place to live in independently. Without the partner, they feel lost and suffer emotional gap which will require the help of someone close. This issue is something normal but in our societies it is hard to deal with it because of the old thinking and
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