Essay On The Importance Of Social Institution

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Social Institutions and Importance Social institution is a group of individuals brought together by a common purpose of granting its members certain privileges and rights. The members of this group possess certain delineated duties, liabilities and responsibilities. Normally they share common goals and objectives. They include the family, religion, education, political and economic institutions. A family is a set of relationship between atleast two people related by birth, adoption or marriage. Shows how families vary across different societies, classes, historical periods and ethnic groups. Also shows how work, resources and authority is distributed within families. Education is the process by which skills, knowledge and values are transmitted systematically from one group or individual to another. It is important because it gives one tools and skills necessary to survive in the world. Also teaches one about the world they live including historical, cultural and philosophical information. Religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices about the supernatural and to norms shared by a group of believers about the right way to live. Teaches one importance of being charitable and the art of…show more content…
It shows how children with special need especially the physically and mentally challenged turn to be academically gifted. It shows the causes and consequences of various trends of education like increased funding and conduction on academic conferences. According to the video, a legislation is passed to enable provision of special education services to public school students. An alternative discusses the need for academic conferences so as to empower the students. The video suggests how there are varying educational practices across different societies depending on the need of the students whereby some students are offered special educational services as compared to others so as to enable learning in all of

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