Social Institutions In Society: Religion And The Structure Of Religion

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Social institution consists of various forms of organised structure where any particular role is assigned to that very structure. There are various forms of social institution spread all over the world. Each social institution has their definite rules and regulations. These norms govern the very institution. They are basically formed for fulfilling ‘societal needs’. Religion is basic kind of social institution. Basic in the sense, it may be found in every realm where people reside in. Religion is an institution, where people get embedded in it. There are numerous forms of religion prevalent in the world. Society is composed of people, and these people get engaged in any particular religion whose ideals and norms are followed by them in return so that they can lead a well organised life by not getting deviated from the desires of life. A religion can be chosen by a particular person in general, on which faith he/she would like to follow. But generally see that religion passes through traditions, from our ancestors. One follows it based on the rituals, ideals, norms, beliefs that are attached to it. Among diverse forms of religion, Islam is considered to be one major form of belief followed by the people who are considered to be ‘Muslim’. This religion is considered to be the second largest religion in the world. Islam is a monolithic religion. They worship Allah. In a way, we can comprehend that, countries following Islamic religion are not secular in its view as there

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