Social Integration In The Harvest

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A. Social Integration: The movement of minority groups such as ethnic minorities, refugees and underprivileged sections of a society into the mainstream of societies.

Social Integration plays a major role in The Harvest. Everyone has heard of the “American Dream” and that is what all of the families in the documentary came over to the states to try to obtain. It is very difficult to become a “normal” member in the mainstream of society when you don’t stay in the same location for more than a couple months. Another factor Is their schedule. The families wake up at the crack of dawn, and end their day when the sun goes down. They don’t have any time at all to socialize anywhere other than inside of the fields, and even there they have little
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Transitional Adulthood is where you learn who you are as a person. Your likes, dislikes; it’s a detrimental growing period in your life. Think about when you started becoming who you are today and who influenced you along the way. School and interacting with family make the biggest contributions to who you become. These kids don’t have the chance to truly interact with family since they’re working all day. They don’t have the time to go to school because of the same reason. These kids are having the pressure put on them at a very young age to start working 12 plus hours 7 days a week to support not only themselves, but their whole family. A scene that stood out in my mind was before a long day in the fields, one of the little girls was in hurry to slap on a little makeup before leaving the house. This struck a chord with me due to one thing that all us girls have in common; femininity. There are plenty of times in an adolescent girl’s life that she gets to feel feminine. Getting to dress up for all the proms, doing your makeup for school in the morning, even something as minimal as putting on perfume for the day. Femininity is part of who women are, and the little girl putting on makeup is trying to hold on to every little last piece of who she is. She doesn’t have the time or money to express herself. She doesn’t have the opportunity to meet new people to for build and form her opinions of the world on. Transitional adulthood NEEDS to be lived. These children not being able to live through and experience Transitional Adulthood is harming them way more than anyone realizes.
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