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Social life is one of the aspects in life of a human being. It was an everyday activity that requires the connection of an individual externally in any ways, either verbally or non-verbally. Social life has a wide range of ideas subjecting, there are the social interaction, socialization, social relationship and even the studies that are associated to the social life like sociology.

Baumister (2005) develop an idea that acquiring a social life require more skill, such us knowing how to make yourself attractive to others, what to wear and say, where to find them and which people might be receptive to becoming friends with you. The social life is a connective part of a person that has something to do with interacting with one another. The
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From the first early experiences, these interactions will be crucial in shaping neural connections and cognitive capacities of such connections: synapses that receive constant stimulation will be retained and the others will be eliminated (Cziko, 1996). Scientifically speaking, our daily social life is started from our early experiences as a child. Our childhood is the shaping point of our ability to socially interact to others. These experiences triggered our minds to become more active in social life as we grow older.
Link (2009) express that social interaction can be described as an interchangeable sequence of dynamic social exchanges through which individuals can attach meaning, interpret and respond. The interchange happening between two people or more is great indicator that social interaction is a dynamic tool of social life. Social life can be a ground full of rendezvous which is partly created by a social interaction. Social life is the part of our life where we encode and decode the information that we
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Physical interactions are bracketed by opening and closing moves; interactions that last as long as people are together. Social encounters in daily life are episodic: strips of experience of presence with another through time spent together (Chan, 2012). The social life of a man consists of many events that are linked to each other. Non-verbal communication is also a medium of social life that doesn’t have the need of voicing out our words. Literally, physical movements of one’s body is already an interaction that socially relevant. Time is also a part of social life that depicts measure or length of a social interaction. Conversely, social life has many depicted aspects that also have their own effects. De Jaeghner, Di Paolo and Gallagher (2010) affirm that Social interactions are complex phenomena involving different dimensions of verbal and nonverbal behavior, varying contexts, numbers of participants and -frequently- technological mediation. They impose strict timing demands, involve reciprocal and joint activity, exhibit a mixture of discrete and continuous events at different timescales and are often robust against external disruptions. Essential to interaction is that it involves engagement between

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