Social Interaction In The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club is not in fact a movie about bacon 'n eggs. It’s a coming of age film about five different teenagers all linked together by one common element, Saturday detention. At first, they are all close-minded and judgmental of each other until they come to realize they may be from different circles of friends but are not so different in the end. This film is still very relatable to this day. Everyone in this film is in his or her own societal bubbles, but come to understand they are all facing the same problems.

A princess, a basket case, an athlete, a brain, and a criminal. Five consequently different people with different priorities. This film is an overemphasis of real life and the stresses high school students go through. Looks, grades, and friends separate these students, therefore creating a divide between them before they even have an opportunity to know one another for who they
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Through various social interactions that occur throughout the film, the characters display not only comforting connections but multiple occasions of quarrel against one another. Nevertheless, each individual may have their own life struggles and issues, yet seem to have similar problems. None of them are overjoyed with who they are and feel like everything about them is a farce. Everything each of these individuals do is to fit into the cookie-cutter ideal that was created for them by society. Although they all act confident with themselves, not a single one has any idea who they are as a person.

High school is a jungle. Either stand out on the top of the food chain or be devoured at the bottom. This extraordinary film perfectly analyzes and explains the troublesome life of teenagers and the stress to fit into a group. Each person was exactly like society imagined him or her to be. Throughout each scene the feelings and inner thoughts became clear. They may be in detention, but the real thing they are forced to endure is the stereotypes that society has created for

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