Opportunities In America

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Every year, millions of illegal immigrants are challenged to cross the borders to the United States in search for jobs. However, illegal immigration is becoming an issue that not only is affecting the United States politically and economically, but also the job market. Moreover, the United States has the highest rank if illegal immigrants because of the jobs opportunities it offers to people. Therefore, this is creating many controversies between illegal immigrants and American citizens because of their differences. As a result, many immigrants are taking many jobs from American citizens and this issue has impacted the United States positively and negatively. What people do not know is that job opportunities exist for everyone in this country.…show more content…
From every part of the world, immigrants cross the borders of America in order to follow the “American Dream”. The United States is a well-known nation due to the job opportunities it provides to people. Due to the lack of jobs opportunities and economy from other countries, illegal immigrants started to move into the U.S. in search for a better job. Moreover, immigrants are getting their dreams jobs, while citizens think they are taking their jobs. As a result, citizens are protesting and saying that illegal immigrants are damaging the job opportunities for citizens. These days, Americans view illegal immigrants as people wanting to take their jobs. This is causing many controversies throughout the nation on how Americans are reacting towards this issue. Moreover, citizens think illegal immigrants are the caused of the vast unemployment that exist in the country. In addition, many unemployed citizens are having a hard time finding a job and think that immigrants are damaging the job market. There are many vacancy jobs that American citizens would not take and immigrants who take the opportunity of those jobs now they are called thieves. Immigrants deserved to be called as people stealing American jobs while immigrants are going hunger and risking everything to find a job. Furthermore, jobs opportunities exist throughout the nation, but taking advantage of those opportunities is what it is causing the…show more content…
Moreover, if the government wants to deal with this issue, it must work together with immigrants to reduce job competition within the low class and immigrants. Since many immigrants are occupying jobs that required low skilled education, the government should not to have many impediments for immigrants to get a job. That is why the government should offer immigrants an education in order for them not to look for unskilled jobs and be stealing them from others citizens. In addition, the government should provide jobs offering the minimum wage for the
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