Social Issues In Christopher Boone

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Name: - Akash Anand I’D no: - U1104609 A). The main social issue deal in the book is ‘mentally disable boy’. Christopher Boone, a 15 years old boy’s disability causes some challenges like the disabling environment in which he lives. This disabling background includes a number of deal with Christopher and his many unique requirements and rites. For example, he only eats foods of certain colours. [p.83] Also, the fights in Christopher’s family arise from the adult’s frustration and lack of acceptance of the teen’s differences. Mostly, Christopher himself achieves his disability perfectly well through a set of strategic rites such as doing complex math problems in his head. [p181] But his family causes his autistic symptoms to erupt through their…show more content…
Every disable person can do some activities very well? So, I agree with this main idea. Because lot of people are faced many disabilities but they have achieved several success in their lives. In my novel, Christopher Boone, a 15 years old boy, who is mentally disable. But he is capable to try something new and he can explained simply and very well. He has a decent knowledge of the theory of science, universe and many more. [p.12] He is very intelligent in the mathematics. That’s why he got an A grade in Maths A level. Also, he wants to take A level Physics with A grade in the future. [p.…show more content…
1) Every disable person are useless? 2) Most of the disable person are abled? But, this book is provided many evidence to support the most of the disable person are abled and they can do many activities in differently. In this novel, Christopher Boone, who is mentally disabled, but he has a capability to solve mathematical problems effortlessly. Also, he can answer a puzzle very easily. There is some evidence to support my idea in this book such as explain theory of the universe in the detail [p.12], interesting things about maths [p.14] and solving quadratic equation using the formula [p.199]. F). As per my experienced, I selected this novel due to attractive front page with different logo and interesting title of the book. Also, there is worthy overview of the book. So, it helps me to take novel as per my area of interest. This book is the winner of guardian children’s fiction prize and Booktrust teenage fiction award. It gives clear idea about narrator, other characters and explain many science theory and mathematics formulas. [p.269][p.100] This book is about detective and mystery story, which required more attention in reading. So, it is totally exciting. There is clearly identify the main social issue and easy to get answer of assignment

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