Social Issues In Civil Society

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A look at civil society, norm transmission and accountability for serious international crimes the article examines the spread of human rights norms and transitional justice processes. This is critical in helping understand the important of human rights activism, which protects the lives of citizens, and further enable through educative processes to pass important and critical lessons that help shape the minds of citizens. It provides further an avenue where they are able to eradicate and eliminate conflicting views and engage in a more contractive dialogue that prohibits conflict among citizens.
Global leaders have adopted transitional justice process, which is meant to eradicate and punish those who involve themselves in crimes against humanity.
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With the help of the dialogue and debate that civil societies continue to make, these dialgoues are carried on in the academic platforms of kenya and addressed with the new generation of up and coming kenyans more concious and politically aware of the pitfalls of past regimes and the current lack of adeqate accountabilty which has plagued the political sphere of this country which up until recently, civil society hasnt had the abitlity to be a part…show more content…
This one element has continued to affect the accountability of transitional justice and human rights protection all over the world. There is need to provide and come up with a process that creates universality of human rights norms and protection which will not only help in the eradication of such violations of human rights but will also protect and help create accountability practices of human rights norms and appropriate transitional justice processes.
It is true to argue that women are the once who experience human rights abuses which are an effect of cultural practices that affect the universality of human rights norms. This in particular is because of cultural practices that discriminate women and make women slaves and such like elements and further affects the transitional justice process. Selectivity and ideological agendas affect negatively the process of transitional justice processes in regards to human rights norms.
This paper does a great job of going and analyzing in depth the different groupds during the two months of the violence and the justice and peace groups which arose and the succes and the tactics that were employed by civil society henceforth and is a backbone to helping understand the underlying issues and why such issues are, greatly utilizing the constructivist

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