Child Abuse Case Study

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Overview of the Issue
Child abuse includes various forms of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Thousands of children every year become victims of many social issues whether from their families or the society itself. All kinds of abuse have a direct effect on the child’s welfare, and a complex and dangerous set of problems physical or emotional harm. The psychological abuse is as important as the physical abuse, and both have a long term effect on the children’s life even though when they grow up. So it is crucial to recognize the victims of child abuse at early stages before the problem develop because the psychotherapy takes a long time and effort. However it is not easy to recognize this issue especially as most children may be shy or
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Approximately 5 children die every day because of child abuse.
2. 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys will be sexually abused before they reach age 18.
3. 90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way. 68% are abused by a family member.
4.In 2012, 82.2% of child abuse perpetrators were found to be between the ages of 18-44, of which 39.6% were recorded to be between the ages of 25-34.
5. In the United States, more than 4 children die from child abuse and neglect on a daily basis. Over 70% of these children are below the age of 3.
According to the latest records, More than 135 children suffered abuses in Bahrain in 2009, 27 children did not receive any care, where 8 of them were psychologically abused, 32 abused physically and 70 abused sexually.

Review of variations across cultures and
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The Child Protection Centre is one of the institution that protects children, it was established in 2007 it is affiliated to Department of Social Welfare, the Ministry of Social Development. It aims to take care of children who have been through any kind of abuse and mistreatment, and it offers protection to the children and supports their families. The Centre protects children in case of physical and psychological abuse, sexual assault and severe negligence. Such centres are very important for the children and parents who have been through hard time, but According to Dr. Fakhriya Dairi from Children Protection Centre, what is important is that the centre does receive calls from neighbours or close relatives who report abuse cases, in case the child has been abused by his/her parents or they hide the truth, (Toumi, H.

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