Social Issues In Justice Wargrave By Agatha Christie

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The book contains many social issues. One of the issues is a racial issue in which Society 's outlook differently towards unmarried mothers of that time. They were disapproved of and would sometimes regarded as social outcasts. Miss Emily Brent 's housekeeper Beatrice Taylor got pregnant and at that point killed herself. Despite the fact, rather than any sensitivity or Christian forgiveness, she is absolutely unaffected by her death which she could have prevented ‘Her own action-her own sin-that was what drove her to it…none of this would have happened’. (Christie91). The other issue is corporal penance. Justice Wargrave sits in a court of law, he gets the chance to decide on the crime that somebody commits are discovered as innocent and tends to live or discovered as blameworthy and face the death penalty. But the question is, what right do an individuals have to choose the destiny of others? Considering the possibility that a man was innocent and was hanged. Therefore, the issue of justice clearly reflects here as vague. Anthony Marston lives a lavish life and drives too fast and thus, killing two innocent children. However, he lived peacefully in the community and continue with his lifestyle, totally callous of what he has done. The character in the novel of Justice Wargrave turns out to be correcting these wrongs in the name of justice. I think Agatha Christie was a faithful Christian so she strongly believes that only God decides the destiny of an individual. Moreover,

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