Social Issues In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin is in the Sun is a complex and deeply nuanced literary production created by playwright Lorraine Hansberry in 1957. The play’s success was unprecedented given the time period it was first performed in; in 1959, there had not yet been an African American centered play that had been successful in the way A Raisin in the Sun was.
Time in the context of bringing to Broadway the first play by a black (young and unknown) woman to be directed, moreover, by another unknown black “first,” in a theatre where black audiences did not exist—and where, in the entire history of the American stag, there had never been a serious commercially successful black drama! (Nemiroff, 6)
This fame can be attributed to the way the play handles universal issues of family, gender, and poverty, but also uniquely ethnic inspired problems of cultural identity, beauty, and equality in America. It is in directly addressing widely relatable social issues that Hansberry’s writing inspires social progression and change. A Raisin in the Sun calls for social
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