Social Issues In Lost Voices

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In the book Lost Voices by Sarah Porter, the main character has taken on many challenges in her life, however she faces these challenges for a reason. While reading this book I decided to focus on the reasons why the author put that in there. To do this I took note of many different important things. However, after reviewing my notes I realize that three main concepts were social issues, author’s craft, and themes. One social issue that hit me right away was on page 3, when Luce’s classmates picked on her. I’m thinking that this relates to social equality because her classmates tend to pick on the people who are more shy. This gives me an idea, I think that this social issue relates to the real world as well because many kids pick on the shy ones that aren 't always the most “popular” ones. This compares to my life because the main character Luce. This is because I get nervous public speaking and I think that it is immature when classmates intentionally make it worse. Furthermore, another social issue idea is on page 55, 65, and 66, “we changed because of what human beings did to us.” At first I thought that this was just a conflict between the humans and mermaids. Now I realize that this is a stereotype, not all humans are bad and evil. Now I understand that this relates to the real world because we stereotype people all the time because of the clothes they where, their skin color, and many more. Moreover, another big way that helped me understand reasons
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