Social Issues In Maldivian Society

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Introduction According to Wikiversity (2015) social problems are explained as common factors that affect and damage society. Social problems mainly deal with problems which interrelate with the real life. Some social problems include anti-social behaviour such as violence, crime. In addition poverty, drug abuse, economic deprivation, unemployment and natural disaster, domestic violence and divorce are considered as social problems too. Compiled information done by Naaz (2014) based on collecting data through media interaction states that social issues which influenced Maldivian society are mainly categorized into thirty areas. They include child abuse/ incest and rape, issues related to bullying both in schools and work environments, violence,…show more content…
In sociologist view, the family has more roles other than unite people by marriage and blood or adoption. A family provides educational, financial and emotional support to its members that need to thrive socially. Without the support of family a divorced adult and their children are mentally, emotionally and financially disturbed as due to this individual productivity becomes low and disturb the social harmony. The Maldivian society is a homogenous as we all follow the same religion, language, culture and tradition which can be identifying factor throughout the archipelago of 20 atolls. Mostly Maldivian society is male-dominant as men tend to make all decisions and women appear to be cramped to the role of child-bearing and rearing, inculcating social and religious values. Faizal and Rajagopalan (2005) describe Maldivian society as a homogenous one. In their findings they found that one- fourth of the population re married around 4 times by the time they reached 40 years. Divorce and remarrying was easy and no barrier or taboo was formed within the society. One of the factors that affected the insecurity of the women in Maldives included divorce, as women was passed from one husband to

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