Divorce Persuasive Essay

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Within our modern society, things may seem easy going, and without problems; however there are countless issues lying beneath the surface, remaining relatively unseen. One of these issues is the break-up of families, the divorce of parents, or the split of a familial union. Divorce is a problem that affects so many families. Divorce rate has increased greatly over the years; half of marriages in the United States end in divorce Today’s modern world, although devoid of most issues of the past, is full of stress economically and socially. This subtle disturbance can enlarge other issues couples might be having with each other. The combination of stress, as well as a general lack of commitment has so often left so many families, all over, split…show more content…
Taking time to get to know someone before marriage is practically impossible in this day and age. The world of love is a competitive one; if one does not propose soon enough, the other will become bored, and enthralled by another. Our world does not operate the correct way for this to be a viable solution. Everything is fast, and there is no time to take things slow. Others may suggest that a divorce can only be approved if certain reasons are there, and a divorce lawyer can approve. This may reduce the percentage of breakups of married couples, however it does not reduce the the amount of stress and unhappiness within a family. If two parents are both on board enough to file for a divorce, that 's reason enough for a break up. Staying together will only result in more fights, and disagreements. This not only increases the stress level of the parents, but also the children who have to witness the war going on between their parents. It’s ridiculous to think disagreements can be resolved over time, and things could be mended! This solution will only create a dysfunctional family. The only real way to solve the problem of divorce is not waiting, or good reason, but
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