Social Issues In 'Obsolete' By Chuck Palahniuk

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Many people are enjoying their lives and especially where they live and the country that they are in. In the future that might all change, and people are going to want to move out and live a better life and might want to move out their own country. In the story “Obsolete” by Chuck Palahniuk, many people are emigrating because of the videos that are being sent back to earth by the astronauts on Venus and how everyone is playing a big part in the story by trying to kill themselves for the new way of emigrating. The people got this idea from a magazine as it stated, “Death Is the New Life” (Palahniuk 1). After this many people wanted to emigrate to death as stated, “Now even soccer moms were emigrating. Old church ladies were emigrating. Lawyers wearing business suits were emigrating” (Palahniuk 1). Death was becoming the biggest social issue because of what the astronauts had sent back to Earth. Death is the biggest social issue that was going on throughout the whole story and many people were emigrating and death was the new way that people thought of emigration. From looking at this perspective everyone was changing their life styles throughout the whole story, especially Eve and her family and how they…show more content…
As Eve and her family where looking forward to death inside their Buick, the society was also getting prepared as well. They did not want the human species to start up again. The guy that got Eve said, “If we get the whole human race started again, our folks will be so pissed…” (Palahniuk 7). Even though as Eve and Adam are going to be starting the whole race again because of the way that Eve is pregnant, but death is still the biggest thing that is going on through out the whole story. Death is the issue that is going on and everyone wanted to take a part of
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