Social Issues In The Outsiders

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Not all problems are the same
Michelle Obama, the current first lady, once said, “You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve the world’s problems.” Obama meant that not all people will have a perfect life or be able to solve certain problems. This point is found in the novel, The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, the book is mostly about a conflict between two social classes. Three important characters Ponyboy, Cherry, and Randy often have disagreements or dialogue about their different social classes. Cherry and Randy are in the highest social class, called the Socs, while Ponyboy is part of a lower class, also known as the greasers. During most of the disagreements between Ponyboy and Cherry, they often reach an agreement about the greasers and the Socs. While Ponyboy is thinking about Randy, he proves points about greasers having a harder life and problems. Through the conflicts or conversation between Ponyboy and other characters, such as Randy and Cherry, Hinton proves that people may think that they all have problems, but some people have problems that that are much harder than others.
Through a few of Ponyboy’s arguments with Cherry, Ponyboy comes to the realization that life is hard for everyone to get through and they all have obstacles in their way. While Ponyboy is talking to Cherry, he says, “‘Do you think you're spying for us makes up for the fact that you're
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Pony and Cherry also come to the realization that every person have a hard life and they all have troubles that they try to overcome. The comments of Pony and Randy illustrate that the greasers have problems that are much harder than the problems of the Socs. In the world, people often think that they have problems that are as hard as others’; yet, this is not true at all, as some people have lives that are much harder than
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