Issues Of Homelessness

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HOMELESSNESS IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INTRODUCTION The topic that has gained much concern from both economic and ethical perspective. In view of social perspective, witnessing people on the streets to fend for themselves can be seen as an immoral act which leads to the idea that society should take steps and care for these people. Health of the community and its economic prosperity can be measured by the rate of homelessness in that community. Almost every person has witnessed this phenomenon in some cases but rarely considered this as a problem from economic perspective or brainstorm solutions to the problem. Natural empathy lends itself towards their cause and is one of the major reasons that charitable donors often specify “ending…show more content…
Previous estimates have predicted that care for a homeless person in the US could cost the government anywhere between $35000(Flaming 2009) and $150000(Laird 2010) dollars annually and that figure have risen since then. These figures are of great significance because there should be legislation passed that would help these people to sustain and free from struggle of homelessness. Moreover, any funds spent more efficiently that reduces homelessness rate helps people to bring into workforce and spending on goods, and helps bolster the economy as a whole. To help the homelessness like construction of low cost housing, increased funding for public works, and providing meals and health care to all people is done by funding such projects. Due to homelessness the weakness of the lowest income class has created a loss or drain on middle and lower class workers who also depends on government resources to sustain in US economy. The main purpose of this project is that to identify the effects of variables on homelessness such as homeless people, minimum wage, mental illness, percentage of people below poverty level etc. to reduce homelessness rate in US. Each of the factors being considered in regression…show more content…
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