Social Justice And Climate Change Essay

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Climate change is a public health concern that has significant impacts on the environmental ecosystem, agriculture infrastructure, and individual health outcomes today. It plays a paramount role in shaping our environmental atmosphere daily. With the rapid technological and environmental advancements in the 20th century, climate change has had negative impacts on the ecosystem holistically. From increasing sea levels to air pollution, climate change has affected all living organisms and evidence is visually perceived throughout changes in environmental outcomes. However, climate change is not solely due to natural causes alone; infrastructure and human contributions play a vital part in this growing concern. Incorporating social and…show more content…
In addition, variations in societal norms can produce positive outcomes when discussing community solutions and social justices. Social justice dictates that burdens and benefits are distributed evenly throughout populations. To eliminate detrimental contributions of climate change collectively, communities can engage in preventative measures to reduce…show more content…
Being exposed to air polluted with harmful toxins can result in complication with the respiratory system and inflammatory organs. This can lead to an increased susceptibility of chronic diseases. With the social justice approach, communities can collectively work together to reduce the damaging effects climate change has on environmental and health outcomes. As social justice focuses the just distribution of burdens and diseases, marketplace fairness fixates on personal responsibility, self-interest, and individualism as the basis for outcomes. Individualized actions to reduce effects of climate change can include car-pooling, investing in renewable power resources, and orchestrating gardens and timber to supply supplemental oxygen into the air. These techniques can reduce and replace the abundant amount of hostile gasses and carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere daily. These contributions have the potential of filtering the air supply throughout the environment that help internal organs function progressively. While discussing weather change in relations to marketplace fairness, humans can adjust their very own activities to make a positive effect. Climate change is more than just
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