Social Justice Argumentative Analysis

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The history of the human race has been raised on dispute and conflict. Humans are capable of higher thinking, which gives them the ability to decide whether something is right or wrong. Opinions are based upon many circumstances, such as one’s knowledge, awareness, and experience. Although elder members of society are known to be conservative or antiquated in their ideology, they still maintain the right to think freely and express their own opinions. Recently, there has been a rise in the advocacy of social justice amongst a younger generation in which the ludicrous amount of pressure for the public to think in a politically correct manner is being popularized. The acts of alleged social justice warriors are not beneficial to society for they are preventing future adults from voicing their…show more content…
Some social justice efforts by college students have reached the point in which they have become a nuisance to the public eye. The University of California Berkeley had a social justice protest on December of 2014. This protest spanned over many days and consisted of over a thousand students fighting for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The protestors managed to cause havoc in the Berkeley area by blocking the Interstate 80 highway; this prevented the public from commuting on the highway from both directions. Social justice warriors even smashed windows and stole from a local Radio Shack while fighting for their cause; trash cans were set on fire in the process as well. "I am very unhappy with the violence. What people in Berkeley are generally in favor of the issues involved and they are very sympathetic with the people in Ferguson and people in New York. But what has happened is that peaceful rallies have all turned into violent confrontations," stated Tom Bates, the Mayor of Berkeley, in an interview. This shows how not all protests are executed as peacefully as the general public
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