Social Justice In Coates's Between The World And Me

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In section two of Ta-nehisi Coates book “Between the World and Me,” he moves forward to discuss the evident issue of social justice. I feel section two of the text is the climax of the book. Coates elaborates on the event that had taken place when he was arrested for no reason which made him aware of his body being vulnerable while sharing the anger of Prince Jones death, he expresses that Jones should not have been subjected to such an absurd death, which was committed by a black person. Jones had all the aspects of a well-rounded African American such as, highly educated and not involved in the streets. Realistically, no black man is not safe of the violent vagaries performed by the police; a black man body can be destroyed at any given time. As a result, this…show more content…
He has knowledge that his son will grow up privileged, well educated with good behavior, however, he does not want him to fall victim to the dream life. Coates does not want to limit his son in any way, but as a father who himself has experienced this fraught history of unfair social justice and vulnerability of his black body. Coats also take focus in on the Civil war, which is one of the main themes of Between you and Me that is an honest accounting of the history of the United States. The Civil War, in particular, has been subject to a softening, a blurring, and a manipulation of its brutal truths. Reconstruction did not bring the nation together racially, and the years following the war laid the groundwork for the Dream and for the ways in which the country would maintain its racial separation without the actual presence of slavery. Furthermore, when discussing slavery Coates uses small and large examples of its horror. First, by pointing out that the massive number of enslaved people, 4 million to be exact, and how much their hard labor was
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