Social Justice In Macbeth

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The social justice issue that I decided to help solve was the social injustice caused by the SAT or ACT tests. The tests unintentionally discriminate against many ethnicities because they are written in a way that gives people native to America an advantage. It also discriminates against less financially stable families because they might not be able to afford tutoring services. This issue relates to the scene in To Kill a Mockingbird where Jem is criticizing the School system in Maycomb. Then, the discrimination towards certain ethnicities is paralleled in The Help. In Macbeth, the theme of power abuse is connected to the test creators who have a monopoly in the testing system. Finally in Unbroken, the disadvantages placed on Louis in track…show more content…
In the book, after Macbeth becomes king, he abuses his power by killing Banquo then going to kill Macduff’s family, “The castle of Macduff I will surprise, Seize upon Fife, give to th' edge o' th' sword his wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls that trace him in his line”(4.1.8). Macduff abuses his power extremely by going all the way to kill Macduff’s “wife”, “babes”, and anyone with any relation to him. Macbeth being able to easily murder them also shows the minimal power the opposition has towards him. Similarly, the creators of the SAT/ACT’s have a monopoly over the tests. Although the creators of the SAT/ACT tests have not used their power to physically harm anyone, their monopoly gives them no reason to reform the tests as there is no effective alternative test for people to…show more content…
Louis is featured in many different racing competitions ranging from high school level track meets to the 1936 Olympics in Germany. Each competition is highly competitive and in one NCAA meet, “Suddenly a man swerved in and stomped on his foot, impaling Louis’s toe with his spike. A moment later, the man ahead began to kicking backward, cutting both of Louis’s shins. A third man elbowed Louis’s chest so hard that he cracked Louis’s rib”(41). Louis being “elbowed”, “[impaled]”, and “[kicked]” shows that he is being put at almost every disadvantage possible. Louis has to fight much harder than the rest of the runners because his competition injured him. The harsh competition and disadvantage that Louis has is mirrored by the rich people gaining an advantage in SAT/ACT testing. There is an extremely high competition in getting into good universities and the SAT’s play a large part in it. The poorer families are at a disadvantage because they cannot afford the best tutors making it so that their children are forced to fight much harder than other kids just to be accepted by

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