Social Justice Literature Review

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Session: Autumn 2017

Subject Name: Research Methods and Design

Subject Code: MIST 949

Instructor Name: Dr. Feras Hamza

Assignment Type: Literature Review

Assignment Title: Social Justice in Education: A Literature Review

Submitted by: Humaid Obaid Khalifa (ID: 2985287)

University of Wollongong in Dubai

This document is a review of social justice literature that provides an analysis of the social justice and equity literature in education. The objective of this literature review is to examine articles that have addressed the education sector in order to expand the set of social justice principles that helps in building the good practice. The study commences with an examination of the concepts and perspectives of social
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and Walters, Toni S. 2007, p. 27). Social justice is “a moral obligation that reflects the highest standards by which individuals within organizations should be treated”. (Byrd. 2014, p. 520). We can see that one single definition cannot define the concept of social justice; however, the literature suggests that contemporary philosophy of social justice co-exists with expression of human rights, fairness and…show more content…
(McInerney, P. (2004). In her summary McInerney specifically refers to the work of Raewyn Connell, who investigated the concept of dominant cultural hegemony. Connell advocated for curricular justice and made a case for curriculum reform based on a redistributive approach to social justice. (Connell, R. (1993). McInerney stated that whole of school reform, reviews of curriculum and pedagogy, and responses to government policies were the most prevalent social justice strategies in the education-based social justice literature. Bates focused on the primary and secondary systems and found there an emphasis on redistributive and on recognitive approaches to social justice in educational administration.
There are diverse interpretations of the term social justice in the context of education. Frequently, social inclusion is also discussed in the education context when we discuss social justice. O‘Connor and Moodie, examined the concept of social inclusion‘ and its importance in relation to the higher education sector where social inclusion implies the inclusion of an individual, group or community in society in general and higher education in particular.(O‘Connor and Moodie,
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