Social Justice Personal Statement

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One of my passions is social justice. I accredit my social justice education to social media, which when used right, can be a wonderful platform to amplify the voices of marginalized groups of people. From a young age I positioned myself as an advocate for the underdogs. In high school, I helped found a Gay-Straight Alliance, I wanted to address LGBTQ+ bullying in my school. Bullying was a problem because no one would talk about the specific group of students it was largely directed at. This kind of advocacy led me to aspire to become a lawyer. Specifically, I want to be a human rights attorney, and that 's why I want to not only major in political science in college, but also minor in gender studies. A gender studies minor is the perfect…show more content…
Sticking true to this, I decided in my junior year that when I graduated from high school, I would go to college in New York City. Even before visiting, I romanticized everything about the city, and no Law & Order: SUV episode or horror story about New York could take my sights off of the city. Going to college in New York is my chance to experience a big city, and to experience new things. Most people do not enjoy change, and will even do anything to resist it, but I am not one of those of people. Falling into constant routine for me becomes dissatisfying, and my need for change is reflected in my enthusiastic attitude about moving almost a thousand miles away from home. After I move to New York and live there for a while, I will no doubt become fatigued with the routine of my schedule, and once again I 'll look for change in my life. One great thing about many of the schools I applied to is the amazing study aboard programs that they have. One of those study aboard programs will most definitely allow me to experience new things, and to change. Many of those programs are in Europe, a place that would be perfect for me because along with New York, Europe has been a place that I 've dreamt about going to for most of my
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