Social Justice Reflection

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Growing up, social justice was a term that was not unfamiliar to me. In fact, being the daughter of who some would call a “social justice warrior,” it was subject I felt I knew well.
Nevertheless, one one can ever learn too much. So, when it was announced in class that we would have to undergo a social justice training, I was excited. Though I watched my father fight for social justice, I had never gone through an actual training session to educate myself on it. To say the least, the training session was enlightening. Through the training, I not only bettered my understanding of the subject, but it equipped me with the tools to promote social justice within myself and throughout society.
For years, I have preached about equality and the importance of it. So, imagine my surprise when realizing equality is not the solution to solving society’s problems and instead, liberation is. Yet, I didn’t even know what liberation meant. The illustration presented to us showed three “resolutions” to social injustice: equality, equity, and liberation. In examining this image, along with the explanation of our presenter, I finally began to understand why equality and equity just isn’t enough.
As the three individuals of all different heights stood on even level stools, everyone is given the same resource but there was still an issue. Not only is a fence in the way, but not everyone has the opportunity to see the game as well as others. This opened my eyes. Equality is simply everyone being
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