Social Justice Reflection Papers

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My social justice quilt is made up of pictures, words, and quotes that define my identity pertaining to race, generational, and sexual orientation. Social justice is to provide a fair relationship between individual and society. Social justice counseling recognize the discrimination in the counseling profession. “You cannot separate counseling from social justice: both are necessary for helping clients achieve long -term physiological health well-being Social justice refers to the commitment to ensuring change locally, nationally and internationally based on the valuing on fairness and equality in resources, rights, and treatment for marginalized individuals and groups for people who do not share equal power because their immigration, racial, ethnic, age, socioeconomic, religion, heritage, physical ability, or sexual orientation status group” (Hayes, D. & Erford, B, 2014, p.28). Therefore, before becoming a counselor you must be able to identify these salient aspects about your individual identity to provide adequate care for your clients you will be providing services to. Due to my age, I am considered to be a part of generation Y. Therefore, I fall into the status of being a millennial. This is in reflection of my hello my name is millennial picture. From my personal experience with being a millennial I have often been stereotyped for being entitled, selfish, unable to support yourself and computer savvy. These stereotypes I have been labels often bother me
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