Social Justice Reflective Essay

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Social Justice Week is my professional development experience for the inside. Social Justice Week is a week that is held for the Arcadia University community during the spring semester. It is a week where social issues are brought to light and events are held throughout the week for the community to attend and voices be heard. In the past the week have bee about wrongful conviction and hate crimes. This year the social problem was on violence against women. There were ten events throughout the week. I was only able to three out of the ten events. I went to Dr. Loury 's, Dr. Garcia, and the panel discussion on Thursday, which is the most important and biggest event of the week. All these events were difficult to swallow, the amount of tearing…show more content…
The third event that I went to was the panel discussion. The panel discussion is the biggest event for Social Justice Week. It is one where the Arcadia students come out the most, due to the fact that many of the department faculty will cancel or let their class out early for the event. This event is most important in my perspective, because it is one of the only event where the student 's voices are heard. This year the panelist speakers were Dr. Collins, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Lowe. These three ladies answered questions by Dr.Lee who was the moderator. The questions were questions that helped the panelist and audience think about their personal perspectives of violence against women, it also allowed for more discussion on what Arcadia 's community can do and as students of this knowledge can be of value and a trusted confident for those in need, if ever…show more content…
Social Justice Week was a professional experience for me because I got to help MC the event along with Shawn Brennan. I also help make some big decisions when it came to putting the week together, along with Dr. Martin, Dr.Lee and the board of the criminal justice society, who helps sponsor the event. This experience was one that helped me grow in the aspects of knowledge of abusive relationships. Having a week like this is important for any community, and it brings awareness in a unique way. Many people have suggested that maybe there could be a more hands on events and an actual outreach that the students could

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