Social Justice Vs Racial Equality

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‘Belonging to racial equality and a sense of social justice is difficult to achieve’ Throughout the ages racial inequality and social injustice have been prevalent. Equality and justice play a large part in defining our social and internal belonging, as it helps forge connections with those around us. However though the centuries racial equality and social; justice have been hard to achieve, even now in the modern era. However, both social justice and racial equality have made large steps in the right direction; change has occurred but racial inequality still exists. Social conventions and generational behaviour becomes one of the largest obstacles when facing any type of change; and racial equality is no different. Racial equality is the…show more content…
and Robert F. Kennedy. The two of them believed heavily in the idea of non-violence and changing the way the world, particularly America, thought about race and culture. Kennedy however was a major beacon of hope, as he joined together the White Americans and African Americans though his political campaign. He was seen as a man of justice and caring and he spoke with a voice for change and political truth, which in turn earned him public trust. With a strong sense of social justice Kennedy began a movement of social change. With the generational and social mentality barriers beginning to be broken down there was a shift in perception amongst the American citizens. On April 4, 1968 in Memphis Tennessee, Martin Luther King was assassinated and killed. This led to race riots all over the States and a surge in violence. The death of such a substantial figure would prompt one of the greatest speeches Robert Kennedy produced in his career, furthering the race relations between white America and black America. Less than 3 months later Robert F. Kennedy was shot and killed at a campaign, and “two bright lights in society… both of them snuffed out,” in a matter of months. The killing of Kennedy, which followed the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. only deepened America's…show more content…
But when leaders that seek and aspire change the people will follow and create an unforgettable movement. Racial equality has been an issue in society for centuries, but a change in mind set has put us in the correct direction. Although there are still displays of injustice and inequality, they are certainly less prevalent then before. Our connection with others around us plays a large part in helping us achieve equality and justice, and with large movements around the world, we have begun to change the world for the
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