Reflective Essay: Social And Leadership Skills

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Social and leadership skills I must knowledge that one of the most stirred up character within my personality is social interaction. Becoming a part of a community of students, lectures and authority etc. has taught me beneficial skills related to interaction. I have tried to create time for social and professional network, make friends and learn leadership skills, which am certain they are useful qualities that could take me far in my career. Though leadership positions might look good not having held any leadership position in campus one can learn a bunch of really important skills, like managing a 'team' or committee, abiding by deadlines, dealing with criticism, and so many more.” Often taking up certain roles and responsibility I have…show more content…
It’s always beneficial to know how to work well with others. Constant interaction with fellow student’s lectures and administration does not always guarantee getting along harmoniously, but it has helped me work with people I don’t necessarily get along with. This skill will carry serious weight in your career. My network of friends are not always on my team,’ supporting me and encouraging me to be my best self no matter what. They are also those who are uncertain and doubt my ability. Those who tells me to pursue goals that would ordinarily appear close to my reach. Their challenge is what drives me forward and catalyzes my go-getter attitude. Career opportunities within USIU are abundant as well. Most, if not all, USIU student have access to a network of alumna that are willing to provide advice, guidance and even potential employment to members. The key is to get involved in on-campus organizations; find something you love, put effort into it and work toward a leadership position. I guarantee you’ll gain some skills that you can take to the workplace. Working in a team environment can foster more productivity, while allowing everyone to focus on what they’re good at. People collaborate to tackle tasks too large to be completed by individuals. In order for any goal or project of scale to be accomplished, teamwork is critical. Along with this, most careers require team

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