Psychodynamic Theory Vs Social Learning Theory

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The criminological theory that I think is the best is the social leaning theory. The social learning is a social learning behavior which is affected by your peers. The people around you can really affect the way you think and act. Just hanging and socializing with people you can adapt bad habits. Learning also occurs through the observation of reactions and punishments. Social learning theory combines cognitive learning theory and behavioral learning theory. Social learning theory contributes many other theories. Most crimes come from people who was influenced by their peers who also do crimes. Crimes are illegal acts against the law. The social learning theory criticisms are individuals and especially children. The assumptions of the social…show more content…
People that were molested have problems when they grow older and end up being criminals. Psychodynamic theory is more serious than social learning theory. Social learning theory is learned and psychodynamic theory is something natural. The percentage of psychodynamic people is very high in the U.S. Psychodynamic starts between the age of 5 and puberty. Sigmund Freud said the term psychodynamics is also referred specifically to the psychoanalytical approach. Freud was inspired by this theory and believed that the mind has many flows. One of the strengths of psychodynamic intervention for is its capacity to identify underlying issues such as resentment and anger that may have their genesis in early childhood familial experiences. Secondly, psychodynamic therapy "places heavy emphasis on patients ' relationships and interpersonal experience" (Shedler, 2010, para.…show more content…
This would be especially important if some of the client 's difficulties were, at least in part, from her interpersonal relationship with her husband and his inability to meet her emotional needs since his medical diagnosis. If this were the case, it would benefit the client to identify and explore her attachment in her relationships, specifically the one with her husband. The first limitation (other than the first, above mentioned one) is the time necessary for successful psychodynamic therapy. Even ruling out the immediacy in the client 's need to relieve her acute symptoms, the long-term application of this type of therapy would might not yield enough relief in a reasonable amount of time (Scaturo, 2001). Although contemporary psychotherapy has altered its limitation relating to time constraints, the relief for the client may come sooner from other, or at least adjunct, therapies. A second limitation and criticism of psychotherapy is that the amelioration of many psychological issues cannot be accomplished within the vacuum of psychodynamic therapy. In this client 's case, her most acute symptoms are directly related to her relationship with her husband. I imagine, at some point, the need to include her husband
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