Social Learning Theories: Effects Of Other Individuals

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Effects of Other Individuals Social learning theory is different to Skinner’s Learning Theory. It highlights the importance of cognition. This means we don’t just accidentally learn something, we use our mental processes to choose what we want to learn and what we need to learn. Social learning theory suggests that we learn through a series of modelling, reinforcement and observation of others. Modelling is when you observe the behaviour of other people and then imitate it even if the behaviour is not rewarded. This may also be known as learning from other people e.g. parents, teachers, siblings, peers and even the media. An example of modelling would be antisocial behaviour. This kind of behaviour can be learned through observation e.g. one…show more content…
An example would be seeing a celebrity that you look up to on a television advert using a certain product will make you want to use the same product as them. This is why many adverts use celebrity endorsement because whatever they are trying to sell will sell a lot faster than if there is a person advertising that they don't know. People are less likely to imitate the behaviours of people that they do not know or do not look up…show more content…
The reason that these types of behaviours are rewarding is that people get attention from it or they will get away from the animal. Cultural Differences A culture is when a certain country/city or society has its own beliefs and way of life that they see as normal to them and anything else as being strange or unacceptable. However, different places will have different beliefs and different ways of life and this is what makes up different cultures. An example would be in the U.K. it is seen as polite if you give your seat up on a bus to someone who needs it more whereas in some places, this wouldn’t be a problem and no one would give up their seats. Also in some countries people don’t queue in shops but in the U.K. it would be rude not to. When analysing behaviours, it is important to consider cultures because they behave in different ways and it all depends on where you have been brought up, how you behave and what you believe in. Role
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