Social Learning Theory: Social Cognitive Theory

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Literature Review Social cognitive theory, also known as social learning theory, “a theory of learning that focuses on changes in behaviour that result from observing others” (Bandura 2001 as cited in Eggen,Kauchak, 2013). According to Simons(1994, p.43) Social learning Theory is the view of psychologists who emphasize that behaviour is learned through experiences with the environment and that cognitive factors influence learning. Albert Bandura is the theorist behind this psychological theory. According to a survey conducted in 2002, Bandura was ranked as the third most frequently cited psychologist of all time (Eggen,Kauchak, 2010). Social Cognitive Theory emphasizes the roles of beliefs, self-perceptions, and learner expectations (Eggen,Kauchak.2010).…show more content…
Modelling is the core aspect of the social cognitive theory which refers to changes in behavioural, cognitive, and affective processes that occur as a result of observation of another person 's’ actions (Schunk, 2008 as cited in Eggen, Kauchak, 2013.). Modelling comes in three forms; direct, symbolic and synthesized. Through modelling, individuals can learn appropriate behaviours by imitation of someone’s behaviour or thinking, this is known as direct modelling. Symbolic modelling, on the other hand, occurs when individuals’ behaviour such as dress and attitude, are influenced by the behaviours portrayed in technology (television, radio, books e.t.c.). Finally, synthesized modelling takes place when persons combine behaviours observed in different scenarios. For the behaviour mentioned above to take place one must first observe, retain, reproduce the behaviour and one must be motivated to demonstrate the modelled behaviour. According to Simons(1994,p 44) “We observed countless numbers of models engage in many different behaviours including parents, teachers, friends, and people on…show more content…
Miss Dale was absent from class at the time of the incident however, she was informed by Maria. Upon hearing about Michael use of profanity towards Maria, Miss Dale got upset. She quickly gave Michael five strokes in the palms of his hands in front of the class and told him he needed to apologize not only to Maria but to the class as well. Miss Dale explains to Michael that using profanity to express himself is wrong and he should never use it again. Michael apologized to Maria, his class and to his teacher for disrespecting them and promised he would never do it
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