Social Loafing: Ethical Or Justified?

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9-27- Do group members have an ethical responsibility to report shirkers to leadership? If you were working on a group project for a class and a group member was social loafing, would you communicate this information to the instructor? Why or why not? I believe group members have an ethical responsibility to report shirkers to leadership and I would report a group member if they were social loafing. It is unfair to the other members of the group to do the work of another individual. It creates more stress and high tension between the group members causing work productivity and quality to decrease. If the group member is not reported then they end up getting the credit that they didn 't work for. 9-28- Do you think social loafing is always shirking (failing to live up to your responsibilities)? Are there times when shirking is ethical or even justified?…show more content…
Do you think this means we should tolerate shirking on the part of U.S. students and workers to a greater degree than if it occurred with someone from Asia? No we shouldn 't tolerate shirking to a greater degree because it is found to be higher in Western nations. Individuals should be expected to but in equal amount of work no matter their background. Case: The Calamities of Consensus 9-30- Is consensus a good way for groups to make decisions? Why or why not? Depending on the severity of the issue it would be a bad or good way to make decisions. If the issue is an important issue that could affect the lives of many people I feel the ultimate decision isn 't always the best because individuals start to get too attached to their views and will not reach a compromise. There should be a leader who makes the final decision who takes into account all questions or concerns. 9-31- Can you think of a time where a group of which you were part relied on consensus? How do you think the decision turned

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