Social Location Analysis: Tom Buchanan Gatsby

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Social Location is a big part of people lives. they show why the person is the way they are,think,and act. For example, Tom Buchanan, his location category differ from most people.Tom Buchanan social class is wealthy and is old money. Tom is married to Daisy.He also attend Yale, and was a good football player. Tom has to have it his own way. “Tom broke her nose”(Fitzgerald 27). Myrtle was not doing was Tom wanted , so to get her to do what he want he uses physical abuse as leverage against her. Tom went to NY for a Women named Myrtle Wilson, him and here have an fair with there husband, and wife. Then when she does not what to go into the apartment tom threaten here if she does not she going to be hurt by him. Tom acts like this because he use to getting what he wants. So when someone says no he lashes out , if it dont go his way. If a kid wants something like a popsicle on a hot sunny day, and he doesn 't have any in the house. The kid might throw a fit and a tantrum if parents do not get what he wants. Every person on earth has different locations in society. Which make us every human different. For example To use to being in charge so he uses brute force to get people do he wants. Sense he always has to be his way, no one else.. Tom is a great football player. He also went to Yale and attended class.. “He went to yale” (Fitzgerald 7). His wife Daisy, cousin Nick went to college with him. Tom first met Nick in yale. Nick lives in west egg new money. Tom
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