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Societies worldwide face an ever-increasing array of health challenges, heightening the importance of social change efforts. Among the many concepts used in health promotion is social marketing which according to Naidoo (2016) is the use of marketing concepts to design and implement programs to promote social beneficial changes in health. This uses lots of strategies in order to effect the desired change in health.

Many writers have defined social marketing differently from their perspective. Social marketing is the use of marketing to design and implement programs which promote socially beneficial behaviour change, has
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One of the concepts used in social marketing to influence voluntary behaviour is the notion of exchange theory. This concept influences behaviour by offering or re-enforcing incentivises or consequences in an environment that invites voluntary exchange to optimise value by doing what gives the people greatest benefit for the least cost. The theory encourages social marketers to offer health services that the health seekers truly value; recognises that consumers will change behaviour in exchange for benefits associated with change Lefebvre (2013). According to ECDP (2014) the concept of exchange is bases on value creation when people perceive that the change is in their interest. The change may be in either choice or subconscious processes, for example people will value actions that make them feel better, safer or respected. Clift and Jensen (2010) emphasises that the change will easily be adopted if the change maximises the benefits and minimises the cost of not adopting the new…show more content…
According to ECDC (2014) in this concept social marketers focus interventions on behaviours that influences some specific behaviour; interventions are focused on what triggers and establishes behaviour and what influences the maintenance, compliance and reinforcement of the behaviour. Fleming (2014) agrees with the other contributors of social marketing saying interventions in willingness to behaviour are aimed at designing products in line with what the consumers, the target population want; they are also aimed at modifying programs that are set to solve health problem of the population of interest and all the interventions are intended to address facts that influences the

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