Social Medi Cyberpsychology And Behavior

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Have you ever tought how social media changed the way we communicate? Before the invention of the internet, were people able to speak each other efficiently and instantly? With the popularity and rise in social media, nowadays people are close to each other. Three of the advantages social media provides individuals are sharing different things, providing educational resources to students and lowering communication prices.
The first advantage of social media is that it provides individuals to share different things.Sharing became easier through the developments in social media.For example,through the internet access people can easily share their interest,issues and context via web pages such as Facebook,Twitter and MySpace. Raacke J.. and Bonds argued that these pages which are virtual collections of users’ profiles,can be shared with people to create partnerships and keep contact with each other (as cited in(2008) Myspace and Facebook: Applying the uses and gratifications theory exploring friend-networking sites Cyberpsychology & Behavior).There are also many results, one of which has shown that three quarters of American adults had been online even though most of them were teens(93%) and nearly all of them said one of their major aim was for communication. According to Jones & Fox, (as cited in(2009).Generations online in 2009.Pew Internet and American Life Project).The other result that was shown was that the dominant SNS which is called (Social Networking site)users
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