Social Media Pros And Cons

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Pros and Cons of Social Media Who does not know social media? Social media is a virtual world where users can connect and participate easily. At this time social media is needed because with social media is very easy to use as a search for information sources. In this digital has indirectly changed habits, behavior, life style, and even one's thinking. Nowadays, social media is being a part of our life. Social media has positive and negative sides. People use social media for helping their life like in business, communication, and education. Because, today is a globalization period which means everything is by technology. Technology here means social media. Nowadays, without social media people feel bored and confused what they will do. They…show more content…
I agree that social media has a negative impact on users, because it has factors that have a negative impact. Factors that make a negative impact on social media, among other making it unproductive, because it plays more social media than doing tasks not maintaining the privacy of yourself, with our too often updating the status in social media makes us less guarding privacy. The negative effect of harmful social media is cybercrime, because nowadays, a lot of hackers are using fake accounts to commit crime even kidnapping. And even the most negatively impacted mental health disorders. According to research conducted by the royal society for public health in the united kingdom revealed that the photo and video upload application is the most dangerous application for youth mental health at the moment. Impaired mental health such as depression, envy of what he wants, and even the worse is…show more content…
As a user, we can manage our time in social media and use social media wisely. Also we need to keep our privacy. Nowadays, we also know social media can make a lot of negative effects and the solution for negative effects, we need to realize social media is just a platform to help us in our life. If we don’t use social media wisely, we will get the negative effects such as fraud, cyber crime, and sexual harassment. Therefore, as a user social media should be more wisely and look for opportunity. If we use it wisely, we can avoid all of negative
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