Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Websites
Benefits for including social media websites in education are active student learning and high engagement both inside and outside the classroom. (Kuh, 2009). With high engagement of students, they would most likely have high motivation (Haley, 2012). In effect, they would have higher chances for overall academic success and lower cases of discipline problems in school (Kuh, 2009). Moreover, social media websites allow students a sense of belonging of a group and enable them to voice out their knowledge and ideas (Haley, 2012). Lastly, other than the benefits of social networking enhancing students’ communication, collaboration, and peer learning skills, it also provides students the opportunity to join a learning community online and develop their writing and analytical skills as well (Kassens, 2014).
These advantages are just the tip of the iceberg and I am sure that there are more of it to come as the schools choose the
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Social media could be used in the variety of ways and what works in one situation not necessarily works in another one. Overall, I see it as the responsibility of a teacher to orchestrate the technological means and course materials in tune with the educational goal. Moreover, it is highly possible that students would get distracted and compensate learning over personal purpose while using social media. That is why proper monitoring and reminders for students to focus on the task during classroom participation and provide the necessary rationale for them to explain the use of social media as an educational resource. Lastly, excessive reliance on social media for communication may hinder student’s ability to interact in person. This is a broad problem not only to education but throughout the society where many has the tendency to forget real life
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