Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages

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Nowadays, the use of internet as social media is common in our daily life. As we all know social media is instrument on communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication. Such an example of social media is Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. This media slowly becoming one of the most important necessities to people . In additional, the cost for users to subscribe the internet is more cheapest nowdays as an example Maxis only charges RM 30 for quato 1 Gigabites(GB) in one month. This will give the users easy advantages to describe an internet and forward to social media. Besides have many advantages, frequent use of internet have its own downfall. One of the disadvantages of social media is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is the use of digital technologies with an intent to offend, humiliate, threaten, harass or abuse somebody. First, activities of cyber bullying is embrassing photo being put without permission. As a human being we all did not like our embrass picture to be shown to others addiction to our parents. This could be embrass family dignity as the photo being put without permission. Secondly, rumors and lies about you on a website. This lies story may create a problem that can being used as a way to hurt people. Instance, there is the tendency to conform to what’s popular without considering whether it 's right or wrong - as often seen in cases of cyber bullying. Lastly, using of fake online profiles being

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