Social Media And Technology In 1984 By George Orwell

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In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the thought of technology being used for evil is introduced. The totalitarian government uses technology to constantly observe what the citizens of Oceania are doing. Unlike in the novel 1984, the usage of technology is actually beneficial to the general populace. Modern day technology is ever changing for the better; we now have access to more information at a faster pace than ever. Before social media and technology, exploring new ideas and recent news was very difficult. To prove that technology is for the better, I tracked my usage over a couple of days. On school days I used a computer or laptop for around three and a half hours to help with various reports and assignments. Once I had the chance, I used my phone for mainly social media. Social media can further your knowledge on recent events, new ideas, different opinions, and so much more. For example, I see media coverage on important events less than an hour after it starts; before technology advances, there was no way to do this. Many people believe that social media and technology is damaging to younger generations, but it is actually informing them on an array of subjects. Along with this, younger generations are finally able to step up and stand for what they believe in many different ways. Younger generations are using social media to connect with others that share similar opinions to help bring attention to relevant matters. For example, many students are coming together to
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