Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teens

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Is Social Media Beneficial for Teens?

Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Skype and Messages are all sorts of social media, many of us use those applications at least a several times on a daily basis. Defining social media as a online tool to communicate with the world, here I will stand on the negative side of this resolution.

Many ones, including parents, faculty member, and even teenagers themselves strongly believe that social media is beneficial and entertaining. But, the reality is, the negatives of social media outweigh the positive sides by a colossal difference. They all are truly ignoring the consequences of social media, which may include distractions, a problem for mental health and addiction, and even inappropriate material that can appear on unreliable sources.

Attention is the key to success for all, and while we
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Rosen, a professor of psychology at California State University states a tech break, in which can help teachers and parents help students increase their attention span. “Educators should start by picking a 15-minute block of time in which students must put away their phones and focus.” Says Dr.Rosen. And when the time is expired, students are allowed a one minute tech use which includes social media.

Sadly, some research have suggested that social media is definitely beneficial because they can also help teenagers develop their own identities and their ability to recognise each other. Which can lead to them being able to show empathy through meaningful comments. But as I have stated before, these are only simple characters to build and can even be done without social media.

As I have beautifully argued on the side of social media being not beneficial, here I can finally prove that no, social media is not beneficial for teenagers because of how it is distracting, what it does to students as a teenager in a negative way, and finally how it can be very inappropriate for some
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