Social Media Argumentative Research Paper

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Nearly two-thirds of adults and teens use social media. Social media gives you more insight on things. Social media, over the last decade, has spread information faster than any other media, social media helps students do better in school, and social media helps users find more friends. Furthermore, social media is an excellent tool to use.
Social media has spread information and news faster than any other media. There are multiple sites you can use to find information. Today, more and more people have cellular devices and mobile devices and they 're constantly looking into those tiny little screens for information on social media. Of course you have the traditional newspaper ,but very seldom people read those, they us them for arts and crafts. The most common apps used are Twitter and Facebook. Those apps are age friendly in most ways and it is easy to connect to family and friends. Celebrities and government leaders are all over social media. You can find just about anyone posting current news on their pages. With all of these people using social media it spreads news in different forms and
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They can access more with this technology. A decade ago things in this matter were limited. Social media enhances students brain knowledge. With social media students and teachers can get ahold of more information to help each other learn. Social media is a great learning utensil. It allows us, the users, to keep going and finding more information. If you research something it gives a list of websites and outlets filled with information. It has multiple pages which means more intel. Things are worded differently, some have more information than others. Some social media is very opinionated, factual, and include statistics. Students are more likely to stay in school since they 're learning things that will have them go further in life and be more successful. Thirdly, social media helps users find more
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