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The written task relates to a Part 1 of the Language and Literature. This task is based on Social Media. Although Social Media has affected our lives differently as it’s been a routine of our daily lives but this task serves a purpose of social media has changed the way we understand world culture. And this task will explore whether it is helpful or not. The intended audience could be for migrants or for the ones who want to study abroad. The task explores several aspects of the comprehending world cultures through the help of social media. Firstly, the major impact on our understanding world cultures is by Social Networking sites. This task attempts to highlight various features of the way people get connected and get to know about their…show more content…
It makes us who we are, what we feel connected to and how we behave. Intercultural dialogue is critical today in our globalized and blended world, where different cultures encounter each other daily, especially through social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. One of the aspects of culture is social interaction between people. A constant cultural diffusion is in process. Social media reorganized the way people communicate and socialize. We no longer need to speak to a person to know what they are doing, we just have to check their updates on social networking sites; the kind of updates of different people express the cultures of them. We can connect to people who live far across us and the communication with them indicates the culture we are surrounded with as you can judge people’s culture by talking to them. Even with the “breaking” news we are surrounded with can give us a understanding or misunderstanding of cultures of different people as, now a days some of the news is made up and some of it is true and by seeing what is happening in different countries by their people, we are able to understand their culture through it. For example: the frequent protests done by people in different countries may show they may have a culture of fighting for their rights which also depends on the issue for what people are protesting. Also by looking through the statements made by people on open websites like twitter, people are able to understand different cultures. As cultural differences influence communication, behavior, and values. “There are differences in the way that people who identify with different cultures, based on both national identity and gender, manage their communicative behaviors within Social Networking

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