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Too Many Examples Can Be Sometimes Harmful These days, as social media, which enables us to communicate with others easily by posting our lives and comments, has become a part of our lives, many opinions have been generated about whether social media has a positive effect on teenagers or not when it comes to writing ability. In the article, “Facebook Has Transformed My Students' Writing—for the Better,” Andrew Simmons argued that social media can be helpful for students to improve their writing skill related to personal essay since unlike offline life, social media such as Facebook or Twitter fosters environment that let students express their feelings without restriction. After I read this article, I realized that despite of nice argument…show more content…
In other words, he mentioned too extreme downsides of social media as a counterargument which can stop people from being in favor of his opinion. To take a case in point, in the sixth paragraph, he described that through the social media, students can bully each other by posting pejorative and aggressive comments and be easily involved in behavior which contravene social ideology or law. I agree with the fact that it is useful to provide counterargument in the article to persuade the readers more efficiently by showing them that the author also consider objection but still his claim is more powerful. However, I think the counterargument in his article is too extremely pessimistic explanation which eventually can make people think that social media is ultimately harmful to students. Therefore, I think that it will be better to replace this paragraph, counterargument, with less negative statement such as students waste their time on non-academic writing or they create and use too many slangs and vulgarism thoughtlessly on social

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