Social Media, Communication, And The Age Of Communication

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Communication is means or skill used by man since his inception to socialise or express himself.
In simple words, we could define/ say communication is the exchange of information between two or more people. The matter which is exchanged can be anything varying from thoughts, opinions, written information, media etc…

As human civilisation flourished: Communication began with sign languages, verbal communication, written communication, mass publication & communication through electronic media.
Verbal communication is through word of mouth.It includes chatting, meetings, gossips etc.With the development of mankind, human had invented written communication.As man began civilising himself from primitive form, he discovered for many other modes of communication.In the process, he invented putting written he material into books in which information could be stored like printing media and publication which includes newspaper, magazines etc…
Electronics for communication began with the discovery of telephones, mobile,internet, social networking.
Social networking began at the early 21st century,it is the application to interact with other users or to find people with similar intrest.with the electronic mail ans as technology advanced, there have been many websites created in order to connIn the present scenario ect people. in the age of internet, where people have devoted themselves inti the social networking to meet people with similar intrest ,share views, opinios etc… the
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