Social Media Dangers

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The online world is an open book for all to see. Many teenagers enjoy their time online with social media, but there are hidden dangers with hateful and sexual content. Social media can also harbor ways of teens making bad choices. The real world and the online world contains many strangers, and dishonest dangers for teens. Social media use should be limited for teens due to unsafe content, increased anxiety and depression, along with dishonest individuals and other dangers. One reason that teens should have restraints for social media is that it contains risky and explicit content, and can make things seem more apparent than they really are in society. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, all tend to have advertisements for the selling of products, especially aimed at teens ( However, once clicked on, the user could be taken to sites that are possibly unsuitable for teens ( Social media is also known to make society seem more supposedly different than it is in reality. As explained by Brook Williams, “Social media also gives kids a false notion that being successful only comes with being beautiful. Almost every person you find with over 20,000 Instagram followers edits their pictures to glorify their life and image” ( This can hurt teen relationships especially when they think it’s all about looks ( Unfortunately, society is already known to show this off in TV
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