Social Media Disadvantages

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In this day and age, interaction has become very important especially after the emergence of web 2.0. It has led to globalization, millions of people have come together to interact and socialize with one another in order to relieve stress, entertain themselves and talk to people with whom they share similar interests. As much as it sounds simple and fun, it does seem to have its set of drawbacks. Exposure to a lot of these Social Networking Sites (SNS) has caused psychological problems amongst the teenagers as they’re the heavy users for this medium. In this paper, I’ll be talking about social networking sites, what are some of the fundamental features of these sites, their target audience and how they have managed to prove itself to be problematic amongst the youth. With the advent of web 2.0, it has managed to create another new environment where the users can actively participate and generate content on their own, as opposed to web 1.0 which wasn’t interactive in nature (Bruns, 2008). The driving forces for individuals to sign up on SNS are because their friends recommend them, everyone they know use it, for entertainment purposes and to know more people. Wasike and Cook (2010) say, “Never before have so many people gathered to communicate through a single medium.” (pg.1). The moment one signs up on Facebook, it asks the user to fill out forms regarding their personal information. Later asked about their likes and dislikes. Through series of steps, they’re able to
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