Social Media Disadvantages

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Social media becomes one of the most important roles nowadays. Its grap the attention from youth and olds too. Specific in researches experments. Social media and networks used in varries fields. Communication has grown extremely by using social networks as facebook,twitter and blogs and survey new cultures . It 's provide the education and the industry ...etc. Some sais argue that Social networks is an addict and could harm and causes varies problems to the youth and the teens without awareness and bad using .Social media and networks provide the quality of education by using it in schools and universities it helps the students in researches, study and saving the time and effort by doing the homeworks and assignments online as turnitin can be uploded on it . Social networks improve the mental process by watching videos and learning new skills help students in their own future life. Students could make communication groups for sharing information and recent news and the summaries of the topics and lessons so it helping in studying and there is sites that can the teacher and the students can communicates for helping and its facilitate the study for the students and widing the students knowledge . People can communicate with their relatives in other countries and school and college mates .Using social networks nowadays provide the connection among the people in different and vaires countries . Before using social media the communnication between peoples is absolutly difficult

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