Social Media Effect Essay

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Now days where ever we look we can see commercials like billboards,tv commercials,internet commercials but does it effect our decisions ? The Media is believes influence people there are many ways to influence people and societies maybe they are influence by media we call that media effects. We can say media effects our review of life.Media control of information we get , editors have a lot of power in this case because they control what we thinking about and also they can desisted who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in the story the way they tell us.

But what about social media does it effect us ? In our world 3 out of 1 person use social media and it have major influence on our society.But also media have effect on our bodies scientist find a few effect . For example % 5 to %10 of social media users they can not control how much time they spend online it is an psychologic addiction but brain functions is similar to drug action because of this brain damage and its effect the decision making , emotions , attention capability.This is happen because of you can find any information quickly and brain do not need to self effort to do it and brain getting lazy and start to re build it self and brain start to like the idea of self less effort.After that brain wants to solve every think easy and get addicted to social media.

Some times you feel your phone buzzing in your pocket and when you look at it you see it is not

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