Social Media Effects On Teenagers Essay

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Effects of Social Media on Teenagers Nowadays social media is the main source of entertainment for teens and is why teenagers spend roughly an average of 9 hours per day on social media (Ring. CNN, 2015). Like everything we know, social media has effects as well, especially on teenagers. Besides serving as entertainment, social media is a major influence on teenagers by affecting their attitude, mood, self esteem, and their behavior. A teenager’s actions and thoughts can be influenced or determined by the way they interpret the material that is provided by social media. It is safe to say that social media has crucial and significant effects on teenagers. Have you ever wondered, why teenagers have changes in mood or in other…show more content…
Self esteem is important since it portrays your self image and your confidence ( Perera. More-Selfesteem). Now, imagine a teenager that is still developing and that has a low self esteem, what could you expect? A teenager with a low or with non sef esteem can be very alarming, since this issue can lead to a teenager to think that they are nothing in life and for that is why nothing really matters to them, even their own lives. Seeing posts of your friends on social media where they are presumably having fun or in other words being “cool” can make some teens think that they are not interesting or as “cool” as the rest of their friends and this could make them feel bad and depressed. Depression is a sign of self esteem and is why approximately 20% of teenagers have experienced depression (Borchard. Psych Central.). Depression among teens can be dangerous since in most cases have led them to being suicidal (Web MD). Self esteem is a very important factor in teenagers since they are in a phase of their lives where they are still developing and they’re also in a point of their lives where they have to basically choose what the rest of their lives will be like. Now, imagine having to plan out the rest of your life with a low self esteem, thinking that you’re not worth anything and that you will fail in everything you do, how would that

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